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Constant and dependable character on every day’s creations is never a chance event, it represents the wise choice of many alternatives and that makes a brand.
That very same thought held ALTTO’s creative team to the idea of embodying a new concept, early in 2014.
The urban minded, contemporary, fresh and trend setting brand, embraced the perfect balance between that desired boutique feel and a fresh affordable spirited atmosphere.
An experienced, knowledge based and resource-efficient team, christened in Porto this brain wave, nurturing it till its debut in Paris, in January 2016.


ALTTO targeted on a stunning collection of furniture and accent pieces with a style range that goes from the cosmopolitan to modern and urban.
ALTTO aims to provide consumers with the very best in manufacturing excellence, quality and style. Furniture is seen as a self-expression statement, beyond practical and ornamental value, as the most direct statement of a life style of those who seek for a perfect balance between design and functionality.
The balmy and sober collection of indoor furniture, upholstered pieces and lighting, born from an experienced team’s irresistible desire to spurt new ideas, meets the minds of a contemporary and worldly audience.
An up-to-date brand based on subtlety and clever designs, the result of inventive genius of high quality, ALTTO is a new lease of life on the market.